Strategic corporate planning track provides a process for developing a vision, mission, goals, measurable objectives, specific strategies and detailed action plans needed to implement strategic change.

This track can start from scratch and build a strategic plan.

It can also take the current plan, review the years results and modify the plan, to include the best strategies for success in the coming year.

The track addresses;

- Vision and mission: reviews and resets strategic direction

- Corporate organisation, reviews past results and sets departmental / divisional direction, objectives and strategies

- Detailed action plans required to implement strategies and achieve results

Corporate business requirements

stategic plan

The typical Strategic corporate planning track:

- Introduction

- Review/Analyse current situation

- Develop Vision: A picture of the preferred future

- Define Goals: Broad, long-term aims that define accomplishment of the mission.

- Define Mission: A statement of the overall purpose of an organisation. 

- Develop Objectives: Corporate and departmental. Specific, quantifiable, realistic targets that measure the accomplishment of a goal over a specified period of time.


- Identify Critical Success Factors: Major items or issues that must be controlled to achieve one or more objectives.

analyse critical success factors

- Identify Barriers: Existing or potential challenges that hinder the achievement of one or more objectives (for example competitive market forces)

- Develop Strategies:Broad activities required to achieve an objective, control a critical success factor, or overcome a barrier.

- Set targets and measurement criteria to keep on track

- Document actions: Specific steps to be taken, by whom and by when, to implement the strategy.

- Review and Close

Each business is different and the facilitation track is configured to address individual company products and services, operation styles, unique qualities and culture.

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